Extreme Computer Build – Why I built it

Building an extreme PC that ranks in the top 1% of benchmarks. Business use case, video blog (unboxing and assembly), hardware specifications and software programs installed.

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Extreme Build – Two – PartyPC (1 of 3)

The next extreme build! Not only flashy but with the performance to back it up! Objective is entertainment bliss.

Drive Performance with Windows Storage — Extreme SSDs & NvMe

Fastest SSD and NvMe drive performance comparison of Samsung 960, 950, 850 Pro & EVO in Windows Storage Pools.

Video Blogging for Professionals – Getting Started & How to Profit

Everything you need to know to get started creating video blogs, publishing to channels and tools needed to develop video training content.

VR Build – New Z270 System with the Oculus Rift & Touch

New VR Build features the newest technology. The Oculus Rift and Touch with the new Z270 platform and i7-7700K Kaby Lake Processor. The intent is pure recreational bliss.

Plan Directly in an ASO cube within a Plan Type. Yes it is possible!

The title says it all. Yes you can plan directly to an ASO cube within a Plan Type. Learn the pros and cons and how it performs in the real world.

Speeding Up ASO Allocations & Calculations

Significantly improve the speed of ASO calculations by using NonEmptySubset in your Crossjoins. Use case, code, video blog and benchmarks.

Michael Hansen & Trina Nguyen – Speakers at K Scope 17

Michael Hansen & Trina Nguyen will be speaking at KSccope 17. We will be presenting content in two different tracks. Planning and EPM data integration tracks.

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