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You can download our KScope presentations from this page. However, we encourage everyone to check-out ODTUG.  ODTUG is an independent, non-for-profit, global organization whose sole purpose is to keep it’s members on the cutting edge of the constantly changing Oracle technology landscape.  ODTUG hosts annual Oracle user community conference called KScope.

KScope is recognized as one of the best Oracle conference to attend offering excellent content from developers, administrators, architects, vendors and business users.

We strongly recomend joining the ODTUG user community for access to great content related to Oracle EPM products.  In addition paid membership allows access to recorded KScope presentations only through ODTUG. Links to both ODTUG and K Scope 18 are provided below:
ODTUG – Oracle User Group Community
KScope 18 – Orlando Florida

KScope17ASOPlanType presented two presentations at KScope 17. They are:


ASO Plan Type: The Final Frontier

Planning Track – Monday Session 2
Seat-backs in an upright position and buckle up. In this session you will embark on a voyage from academic theory to a real world deployment of an ASO Plan Type Solution.  Brief overview of use case and how a self-service approach for Planning led Leidos to select an ASO Plan Type Solution.  Discover how Leidos tackled the challenges of an ASO Plan Type enabling users to do all their planning directly in an ASO cube. Learn how Leidos overcame the obstacle of an Essbase data connection and finally satisfy the Vulcan in you with tips to take calculations to warp speed.  ASO Planning can be an exciting new frontier for an enterprise in the real world.
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KScope17_PlanningOveral Rating: 4.24 Stars!
Outstanding: 36%
Very Good:     52%
What they said:
Amazing! Extremely Informative!
Nice to see such a solution
Extremely interesting concepts
Challenges and solutions were neat

ASO Plan Type: Seek out new integrations with ODI

EPM Integration Track – Wednesday Session 16
Be prepared to be beamed up! In this session you will embark on a voyage that an enterprise took utilizing ODI as its warp core to improve data integrity, efficiency and reduce the cost of ownership of their EPM Planning & Essbase Solution. Brief overview of the ODI use case and how ODI was instrumental in achieving a self-service ASO Plan Type Solution.  Discover how Leidos creatively utilized ODI for more than just meta-data and data integration but for assisting with procedure calculations, dynamically generating business rules, launching calculations, building Alt Hierarchies from forms, data validations and much more.
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KScope17_ODIOveral Rating: 4 Stars
Outstanding: 20%
Very Good:     60%





KScope18KScope 18 will be held in Orlando Florida at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin.

We plan to submit abstracts to KScope 18. In the mean time visit the KScope 18 page.