ASO Anonymous – Oracle Petition

The purpose of this partition is to form a collective collation in the EPM community to persuade Oracle to support the following:

  • ASO Security filter deployment and user provisioning for ASO Cubes in a Plan Type.
  • Ensure ASO technology including Run Java and allocations are supported with Planning Cloud Solutions.
  • Help Oracle recognize that “base level” allocations, “considered to be an undocumented feature“, provides significant capabilities and needs to recognized and supported in Planning Calculation Manager.
  • Maintain Oracle attention to ASO technology by creating a list of Organizations that rely and utilize ASO technologies in their Essbase and Planning Solutions.


All signatures are kept private.  We are not consultants nor will we distribute or utilize this list for any other purpose other than petitioning Oracle to keep and develop support for ASO technologies.


ASO Anonymous – Oracle Petition – Form:


Why the petition for Security Filers:

Currently Oracle has no intention of supporting security filters and user provisioning for ASO applications in a Plan Type Application.  The only supported connection is a Planning Connection.  Planning connections are slower than an Essbase connection for ad hocs.  In addition no other users except for Administrators can view an ASO application within a Plan Type.


The alternative work around is to utilize partitions from a Native ASO application to an ASO Application within a Plan Type.  This solution creates performance issues and also adds maintenance challenges.  If you love your Essbase connections and are utilizing Planning with ASO cubes than help us persuade Oracle to give us this capability!  Sign the petition.

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