You guessed it!  I am doing what one user commented building another over the top build!  OvertheTopThe purpose of this build is to entertain guests and this PC will undoubtedly be a topic of conversation.  After all this build is going right in the middle of a wall flanked by 8 guitars.  Trust me guests will not be able to ignore this PC with it’s dazzling RGB lighting display.  Flashy it maybe (and I mean literally) it will have performance to back it up using the best components available to PC enthusiasts today.

Unlike most PC’s that are designed to entertain the user this PC will entertain a group of people.  Now you are probably thinking how?  Well the objectives are:

  • To support DJ and VJ of music and video
  • Running software based DMX lighting effects for the room
  • Supporting live music
  • VR Gaming (Oculus Rift)

Therefore, to entertain guests we need bigger displays and equally big sound!  So these are the main components that are making it to this extreme build (links to Amazon):

Thermaltake Core P3 SE
Inland Fixed Wall Mount (76lb rating)
Processor, Motherboard & Memory
Chip: Intel Core I7-7700K (Unlocked) 
Board: Asus Maximus IX Code
Memory: G.Skill RGB 3200mhz 32GB
Asus Turbo 1080ti (2x)
Asus ROG SLI HB Bridge 3 Slot
Samsung 960 Pro 512GB
NZXT Kraken 62
NZXT Aer RGB 140mm Fans
Power Supply:
EVGA 1000 Watt PS
NZXT USB Internal Hub
Nanoxia RGB Rigid RGB Rigid LED Bar
1Vtech Customized Backplates (2x)
55″ HD LED TVs (3x)
QSC KW181 (2x)
QSC K12 (2x)
Numark NS7 iii
Lots of other audio gear for live music

Now if all the above components already don’t sound insane add the lighting effects for the room!  Awesome right!  This PC build is made for entertainment where my extreme 6950X build is made for work, content creation and of course gaming and relaxation.



The challenges made picking the parts challenging!  The limiting factor was the case with it’s GPU limitations with a radiator was limited to 280mm in legnth.  The PSU was also limited to 200mm. Believe me I waffled on the parts and even had to return Asus ROG 1080ti Strix cards!  Ya they were two big without running a PCIE riser!  At one point I even contemplated moving my Titan Xp’s to this rig and using the 1080ti’s in it’s place.  Not to mention I originally intended to use a Corsair AX 860i.  Which I swapped for the EVGA PSU.  The reason is I calculated the power consumption with overclocking to be around 797 watts and the 1000 watt EVGA platinum silent edition had the perfect dimensions.  Not to mention fit the theme!  All black and grey except for the over the top RGB lighting.  Now must would think I am nuts using the Asus Turbo’s as they are minimalistic in design.  They even lack a black plate.  Nevertheless, I did consider the EVGA SC2 in black (Elite) or the EVGA 1080ti Black.  But ended up selecting the Asus Turbo for the very reason they are minimalistic with white LED logo lighting.  The reason is that will be the only constant color in the PC.  I solved the black plate issue by having 1Vtech create a custom black plate with the ROG theme.  In addition, the ROG SLI HB bridge looks awesome!  Keep in mind these are running in SLI so performance of even of these cards are extreme having 2 is just insane!


I am really excited by this build!  It should look spectacular with all the lighting effects and perform just as great!  Stay tuned and subscribe to my YouTube channel:

Kind Regards,
    Michael Hansen

Posted by Michael

Michael Hansen has over 18 years of experience in implementing, enhancing and supporting Hyperion/Oracle EPM Solutions This comprehensive experience covers all facets required for successful implementations and deployment of the EPM Solution. This includes all phases of the project lifecycle from resource planning through development and successful knowledge transfer. Michael Hansen has successfully performed over a dozen Hyperion/Oracle Implementations which include HFM, Planning and Essbase for Fortune 500s. Michael Hansen is currently an EPM architect for a Fortune 500 Government Service Corporation. Prior work experience includes 4 years big-five consulting and 12 years successfully running a small consulting corporation which specialized in implementing Oracle EPM applications.

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