Let me start this blog with the following statement that I am very new to YouTube and the Video Blogging scene.  Now I at this point you maybe thinking “I should stop reading and save time!  After all, what I can possibly learn from this YouTube newbie?”  Well, for starters I am not new the Internet scene.  In 1996 I started a successful dot com corporation and created an Internet presence for numerous companies/businesses from California to DC and as far south as the Bahamas.  This corporation helped launch my business career and was the sole source of my income for almost 13 years.  Times have changed but business strategy and know-how has not.  In addition as I am learning the ropes of producing Video content for social media I am willing to share the fruits of my research, labor and lessons learned.  My sole focus is driven by business results not peddling some new fad trinket to an audience that I am working to build.  So I encourage you to read on!

YouTube Video:

What you need to get Started Creating Videos:

  1. Define your goal and create a mission statement & strategy:
    Let me tell you it wise to have a strategy and vision before starting any endeavor.  So define your goal/mission statement.  My goal which maybe very different than yours is:
    Create video content through social media platforms to establish my self as a subject matter expert in my field of business in order to capitalize on direct and indirect benefits. My secondary objective is to generate revenue through a niche focus on technologies useful for business professional’s in my field which is my audience.
  2. Acquire the Hardware & Software Necessary to Create Videos:
    This should be obvious but I suspect many people feel they can not enter this market because they do not have the money to purchase what they need to get started.  This is completely false.  Almost everyone has a cell phone capable of shooting video and there are many free video editing software on the market.(Think about the fact that most viral videos are shot from a cell phone!)  Although my YouTube video showcases expensive hardware and software it is NOT A REQUIREMENT.  Creativity can not be bought (although, it can be hired — sorry couldn’t help myself) But in all honesty the most important thing to creating an Internet presence is being found!  You can have the best and most relevant video but if you fail to reach your audience (yes dare I say it……it’s useless garbage!).Back to topic this is what you need at a minimum for creating a video:
    – A Camera
    – A computer you can use
    – Video editing software
    – An Internet connection to upload your video

What is required to succeed in creating a Video Presence

I think there is only two things you need to succeed at creating video presence.  They are:

  1. Your videos must be found by your audience!!!
  2. You must be able to retain your audience!!!

So let’s focus on what we can control. That is maximizing your chances of having your video found.  This is a lot easier today than it was in the old days of the Internet when so many different search engines existed.  Today being found through Google and YouTube will determine if you succeed or fail.  So read on and let me share my knowledge (I just ask that you subscribe/follow my YouTube and this Blog.)

How to Maximize the Opportunity of your target Audience Finding your Video:

  • Use SEO and Meta Data Tags to your advantage:
    Publication is so important second only to your content (and I mean a close second!) Use all 100 characters in your Title.  Use all 500 characters in your Meta Tags for YouTube.  If you are having problems thinking of what to put in your Meta Tags think of what your audience may type in Search Engines to find you.  Also use string phrases that someone may likely type together between commas.  For example do not do this: How, to, Make, Money   due this How to Make Money,Also don’t just enter the products descriptions in meta tags.  Try also adding words such as “Video”, “Product X Review” and etc. will also help.  Also recognize that google returns search results from YouTube.  Finally think of synonyms for verbs and adjectives (i.e. How to, Instruction and etc.).  As you can see there is NO REASON you can’t use all 500 characters!This also applies to the description.  You have about 5,000 characters at your disposal.  Take you time and give it thought what you enter for the description!
  • Your Thumbnail Image for your Video is your First Impression:
    Don’t you want to make a good first impression? Imagine your Thumbnail is what you are wearing on your first date!  What I am basically saying is upload a custom thumbnail that conveys your message clearly and that makes your audience want to click the video.  The thumbnail doesn’t have to come from the video but can be a uniquely created image!
  • Capitalize on other Social Media Platforms Share/Play Lists:
    One video share or adding your video to you play list SIGNIFIANTLY helps your video reach a larger audience!
  • Use Google Analytics to Review Success of your Tags:
    This really helps!  Look at how users are finding your videos through Social Media.  If your views are not being driven from searches you may need to rework your meta tags.  Keep on perfecting your meta data for improving performance.  HOWEVER, be true to you audience spamming is a bad idea.
  • Use Blogs to also link to your Videos & Other Mutually Beneficial Relationships:
    Maybe you have an affiliate partner or friends that can benefit from your audience and you theirs.  It is a self feeding cycle.
  • Build your Subscription Base:
    I am amazed at how little emphasis that many people place on subscribers.  They are you loyal audience.  Of course the problem is it takes views to build your subscription base.  The rate at which you gain subscribers is determined by both the quality of your content and to some degree the quality of the video.  I also STRONGLY recommend enabling public comments and likes!  They are self-feeding.

The Hardware & Software I Use – Affiliate Links:

Affiliate Links to the Hardware Reviewed in this Video:
Universal Cell Phone Tripod Adapter Mount
Blue Microphone Yeti USB Blackout
Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam
Nikon D7200 DSLR Camera
Nikon ME-W1 Microphone
Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 17-55mm f/2.8G Zoom Lens Auto Focus
Samsung Pro + SD Card
PBL Studio Photography Video Light Kit Compact
Genaray LED-2100 36 LED Compact On-Camera Light
Manfrotto MKBFRA4-BH BeFree


Kind Regards,
   Michael Hansen

Posted by Michael

Michael Hansen has over 18 years of experience in implementing, enhancing and supporting Hyperion/Oracle EPM Solutions This comprehensive experience covers all facets required for successful implementations and deployment of the EPM Solution. This includes all phases of the project lifecycle from resource planning through development and successful knowledge transfer. Michael Hansen has successfully performed over a dozen Hyperion/Oracle Implementations which include HFM, Planning and Essbase for Fortune 500s. Michael Hansen is currently an EPM architect for a Fortune 500 Government Service Corporation. Prior work experience includes 4 years big-five consulting and 12 years successfully running a small consulting corporation which specialized in implementing Oracle EPM applications.

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