Let’s start this blog by stating a simple fact. Most computers are generally overpowered for worker productivity that is required for most business purposes. That is for products such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. In addition with Remote desktop and the ability to execute tasks on servers the need for super powered workstations are generally reserved for only niche business applications. When it comes to personal computing and recreation the drive for faster computers are generally driven by game play experience, multiple HD monitors, VR games such as the oculus rift and users seeking to both play and live stream their games. Finally Internet speeds are often a bottleneck in both work productivity and personal computing. Often times upgrading Internet speeds maybe the best decision to improve both worker productivity and personal computing experiences.

With all that being said why did I build an extreme computer and ramp up the Internet accordingly? The answer is because it is a tool I need for video editing, graphic rendering/processing, video blogging, live broadcasts and a sandbox for performing processor intensive calculations. Not to mention, the occasional game streamed on twitch.

At the onset of 2017 this computer build represents the very best technology available for a personal computer. Some of these components rival and exceed the performance of high end servers.

Video of Build & Unboxing:


Overclocking & Benchmarks:

At this point the over-eager reader maybe wondering why so many gaming components made it into this build if it’s primary function is business computing.  The truth is that many of the high end performance driven PC components were driven by gaming technology.  Take for example the Rampage V Edition 10 motherboard. Although other boards exist that are more suitable for workstations this board allows for a very high degree of overclocking and optimization to squeeze the best performance out of the existing hardware.  Although, servers may serve as the Clydesdale work horse which places an emphasis on power consumption and failover this is not the focus of a PC. A PC is more or less a through breed race horse which pushes speed for sprint calculations over power consumption and 24/7 operation.  This makes the choice for tweaking more obvious.

The benchmarks below are widely accepted and represent real world executions based on overclocking that is both stable and extensively stressed tested. In addition the benchmarks were ran with all start-up applications running and active virus scanning enabled. Although it is possible to push the processor slightly faster with an open water cooling solution the closed loop cooling solution is lower maintenance.  This build as of January 2017 ranks within the top 1% of all PC’s that have been bench marked.

Benchmark: Time Spy (Overall PC Rating)Top 1%:3D Mark - Time Spy 1.0 14,728 -- Top 1%

VR Benchmark: Blue Room (toughest mark for VR)Top 1%:VR Mark - Blue Room Benchmark- 3,769 - Top 1%

Build Specifications:

Below is the hardware specifications but I also included Internet specifications and the software installed on the PC. The reason is that it is the software that determines just what the computer can do whereas the hardware generally determines if and how fast it can be done. I believe readers will find the software selection as interesting as the hardware specifications.

Hardware Specifications:

  • Processor, Mother Board & Memory:
    •  Motherboard: ASUS X99 Rampage Extreme V Edition 10 LGA 2011 eATX
    • Processor: Intel Extreme Edition i7-6950X – 3 GHZ 10-Core (unlocked)
    • Memory: G.Skill 128GB Trident Z Series DDR4 PC4 3200 MHZ
  • Graphics Processor & Monitors:
    • GPU Processor 1: NVIDIA Titan X (Pascal Architecture) – 12 GB 5X 1531 Boost
    • GPU Processor 2: NVIDIA Titan X (Pascal Architecture) – 12 GB 5X 1531 Boost
    • GPU Bridge: NVIDIA Geoforce GTX SLI HB Bridge – 4 Slot
    • Monitor 1: Acer Predator X34 (Overclock 100mhz) G-Sync Ready
    • Monitor 2: Acer Predator XB241h G-Sync Ready
  • Drives & Storage:
    • M.2 Drive (OS): Samsung 950 Pro 512GB PCIe NVMe Internal SSD
    • SSD Drive (App): Samsung 850 Pro 1TB 2.5″ SATA III Internal SSD
    • HDD Drive 1: Western Digital 4TB Black 3.5″ Performance 128MB Cache (RAID 1)
    • HDD Drive 2:Western Digital 4TB Black 3.5″ Performance 128MB Cache (RAID 1)
    • Optical Drive: ASUS BC-12B1ST 12x SATA Blue Ray Internal DVD +/- RW Drive
  • Video Blogging & Peripheral Equipment:
    • Camera/Camcorder: Nikon D7200 DX Format Digital SLR (Black)
    • Camera Lens: AF-S DX Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8 IF-ED Zoom Lens with Auto Focus
    • Camera Microphone: Nikon ME-W1 Wireless Microphone
    • Camera Lighting: Nikon Speed Light SB-600
    • Camera Video Lighting: Genaray LED-2100 36 LED On-Camera Light
    • Camera SD Card: Samsung Pro Plus 64GB SDXC Memory Card for DSLR Camera
    • Camera Bi-Pod: Manfrotto MKBFRA4-BH Be Free Compact Aluminum Tripod
    • Card Reader: Rocketek Memory Card Reader/Writer
    • Web Camera: Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam 1080P HD Video Streaming
    • Microphone: Blue Mic – Yeti Blackout USB Microphone
    • Keyboard: Corsair K70 LUX Mechanical Keyboard – RGB LED – Cherry MX Brown
    • Mouse: Corsair M65 Pro RGB Black
    • Mouse Pad: Corsair – Medium Hard Surface Precision Mouse Pad
  • Case, Power Supply, Cooling & Hardware:
    • CPU Case: Corsair Graphite Series 760T Full Tower Case – Black
    • Power Supply: Corsair AX 1500i – Modular Digital Power 80+ TI Certified
    • CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H115i 280mm Extreme Liquid Cooler
    • Thermal Paste: Arctic Silver 5 Edition (2 Tubes)
    • 140mm Fans: 3 x Corsair ML140 Pro LED White – Magnetic Levitation Fans
    • 120mm Fan: 1 x Corsair ML120 Pro LED White – Magnetic Levitation Fan
    • Fan Corners: 4 x Corsair ML Series Black Corner Caps
    • Fan Hardware: Corsair Hydro Series Fan Mounting Screw Kits
    • Cable Kit: Corsair Pro Sleeved DC Cable Kit – Type 3 Gen 2 Metallic Graphite
    • Cable 24 Pin: Corsair Pro Sleeved 24 Pin – Type 3 Gen 2 Metallic Graphite
    • USB 2.0 Internal Hub: NZXT USB 2.0 HUB Molex Powered Internal
    • USB 3.0 External Hub: NZXT USB 3.0 Powered Aluminum Hub External
    • LED Lighting: Cable Mod Wide Beam Foam Adhesive RGB 60cm 5050 LED Lights
    • Display Port Ext Cable: QVS 15′ Display Port 4K Gold Plated Cable
    • HDMI Ext Cable: QVS High Speed Gold Plated 20′ HDMI Cable
    • USB 3.0 Ext Cable: QVS 15′ USB 3.0 Gold Platted Cable
    • Hex Screws: ZIOTEK Hex Head Screw Set 24pk

Software Specifications:

  • Operating System:
    • Microsoft 10 Professional 64 Bit – English USB Stick
  • Virus Protection:
    • Kaspersky – ASUS licensed
  • Productivity Office: 
    • Microsoft 356 Personal Cloud:
    • One Drive
    • Excel 2016
    • Word 2016
    • Access 2016
    • Outlook 2016
      One Note 2016
    • Publisher 2016
    • Lync 2016
    • Microsoft Viso – 2013
  • Productivity Creative:
    •  Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Adobe Photoshop CC (2017)
    • Adobe Lightroom CC (2015)
    • Adobe Adobe DC
    • Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2017)
    • Adobe After Effects CC (2017)
    • Adobe Audition CC (2017)
    • Adobe Media Encoder CC (2017)
    • Adobe Camera Raw (CC)
    • Adobe Illustrator CC (2017)
    • Adobe Prelude CC (2017)
    • Adobe Flash Builder – Premium
    • Adobe Dream Weaver CC (2017)
    • Adobe Character Animator CC (Beta)
  •  Hardware Optimization & Utility Software:
    • Intel Rapid Storage Technology
    • Intel Turbo Boost Technology
    • Intel Extreme CPU Tuning – ASUS
    • Samsung Magician & NVMe Drivers
    • ASUS Rampage Device Drivers (WiFi, Blue Tooth, SATA & LAN)
    • ASUS AI Suite 3
    • ASUS Aura (LED Lighting Control)
    • ASUS Supreme FX
    • ASMedia 3.1 USB Drivers
    • Corsair Link
    • Corsair Utility Engine
    • Cine Bench Mark
    • Real Benchmark
    • 3D Mark Time Spy Benchmark
    • VR Mark Orange & Blue Room Benchmarks
  • Broadcasting & Video Capture Software:
    • Snag-it
    • Cam Studio 2.7
    • XSplit – Broadcaster Premium
    • Open Broadcaster Software
    • Personify Chrome Cam
  • Other Productivity Software:
    • Google Chrome
    • SQL Developer
    • Note Pad ++ (with Essbase Extensions)
    • Boxer 99 Full
    • KeePass 2.0
    • JAVA 8 release 111
    • HP Framework – Printer Drivers
    • Samsung Print Drivers
  • Gaming Software & Utilities:
    • Teamspeak
    • Overwolf (overlay)
    • Steam
    • World of Tanks
    • World of Warships
    • Blizzard Battlenet – StarCraft

Internet Specifications:

Fios Quantum Router - Wifi

Verizon FIOS Quantum Router:
Capable of 5.2 and 2.4 Gateways
Speeds up to 800 mbs
Supports guest connection for Internet

Currently utilize 150mbs upload/download
Actual speed tests 163mbs Upload/160 Download


Overall assembling a computer from parts can be both a rewarding and frustrating experience.  Although, building a PC can save money and enables a user to cherry pic the individual components to either build a dream or budget machine there are challenges.  These challenges include configuration of the operating system, devices and tuning.  In addition the warranties are related to specific parts not to the PC as a whole.  In this build I did have to return the Mother Board to Amazon due to the fact it was previously opened and I was not willing to take a chance with such a critical part. Nevertheless building a PC is a rewarding experience and the options to tweek and expand on a PC’s performance is uncountable.  It is a lot like “Legos for adults” and the tweaking is similar to the rewards of tuning a hobby/sports car.

If you have questions or comments about this post feel free to leave them.  And remember to follow this blog for future updates.

Kind Regards,
     Michael Hansen

Posted by Michael

Michael Hansen has over 18 years of experience in implementing, enhancing and supporting Hyperion/Oracle EPM Solutions This comprehensive experience covers all facets required for successful implementations and deployment of the EPM Solution. This includes all phases of the project lifecycle from resource planning through development and successful knowledge transfer. Michael Hansen has successfully performed over a dozen Hyperion/Oracle Implementations which include HFM, Planning and Essbase for Fortune 500s. Michael Hansen is currently an EPM architect for a Fortune 500 Government Service Corporation. Prior work experience includes 4 years big-five consulting and 12 years successfully running a small consulting corporation which specialized in implementing Oracle EPM applications.

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